domingo, 15 de diciembre de 2013

Youth Crime

In this unit, we are going to learn, among other things, vocabulary related to crime. Today, it is time to practice a bit around the topic. You can work in pairs. Follow the instructions:

        1. Read this article about Youth Crime. If you don't know a word, just "double click" on it.

        2.  Do the comprehension questions. Check them. Open a word document and copy the questions and answers.

        3.  Make a list of the words you needed to look up in a dictionary (with their translations).

        4.  Write a small summary of the reading (about 60 words).

        5.  Write an opinion text (min 90 words) where you talk about Youth Crime. This must be the text distribution:

  • paragraph 1: introduce the topic and state your opinion.
  • paragraph 2: give reasons and examples to justify your opinion.
  • paragraph 3: write a small conclusion where you summarize your opinion and the reasons to support it.

This activity will be checked after Christmas holidays and it will represent 1.5 of your exam mark. Please, be careful when you follow the instructions. Use vocabulary you learnt with the reading and simple expressions. Don't use translators. Read the rubric to know what you have to do:


  • You followed all the steps (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5): 1p.
  • Comprehension questions 1p
  • Vocabulary list: 0.5p.
  • Summary: 1.5p.
  • Opinion text: 
  • Structure 1.5p.
  • Grammar and vocabulary: 3p.
  • Opinion, reasons and examples: 1.5p.

Deadline: 6th January 2014 (mail to

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