viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014

The Art in the XXth Century

In the next weeks, you're going to investigate about the art in the XXth Century. The avant-garde movements represented a break up with the previous vision of the art, and you're going to take a walk around them. Follow the instructions and enjoy the visit!!
  • Work in groups of 3 people
  • Follow the instructions in the "Thinglink" image below.
                Session 1 (investigation in groups): select your artist from the list and divide your tasks: 
  • Student 1 will write about the biography
  • Student 2 will identify the principal features of the movement.
  • Student 3 will select the 3 representative works and create the reinterpretation of one of them.
                Session 2 (individual investigation): each student completes their task (biography, movement                                    features and works selection + reinterpretation)        

                Session 3 (writing): all the students write their descriptions of the work following the model.
                                  Send it to

                Session 4-5 (work in groups): all the group collaborates to create the thinglink image.
                                 When you finish, send your thinglink image as a comment in this post.
  • Download your rubric and complete it every day.
  • Take care of the grammar and vocabulary. Always use short, simple sentences. Use the passive as much as possible.
  • Enjoy your work!!!

Here you are the model for the writing and the rubric. Download them and read them carefully!!!