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Dangerous Liaisons: Dress for Success

Here you are some tips to complete the English section of the questionnaire in a simple (but effective) way. We've already talked about that in class, but here you can revise it carefully.

General tips:

Write short, concrete sentences. Avoid complex structures or impersonal (passive) expressions. Remember the basic structure and use it:

   Affirmative:   SUBJECT + VERB + COMPLEMENTS
   Negative:      SUBJECT + AUXILIARY (do/does/did/have...) + NOT + COMPLEMENTS

Use simple vocabulary to introduce the topic. Look up specific vocabulary in dictionaries. DON'T use translators, they will eliminate all your personal contributions to the texts.

Concrete tips:

Question 1: Use dictionaries to look up cinema vocabulary. Make sure that the word you use is referred to films (

Questions 2-3: use simple structures and focus on the vocabulary you already know. Separate physical and psychological descriptions (don't mix both aspects). Regarding locations, remember the film and try to get a general idea of them.

Question 4: think of the clothes and garments the protagonists wear in the film. Revise the concept of "genuine people". Connect both aspects.

Question 5: remember the conventions and traditions of the XVIIIth Century. Think of the objectives which the protagonists want to get. Connect both aspects and get a conclusion: are they happy?

With these tips and a little patience, your dossier will be nearly perfect.

Go for it!!!

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