domingo, 20 de octubre de 2013

Present Perfect Webquest

In this activity, we are going to practise QUESTIONS and ANSWERS with the Present Perfect and the Past simple.

Before doing it, make sure you understand the difference between Present Perfect and Past Simple:

In pairs, copy the following questions in a WORD DOCUMENT and find information on the Internet to answer them:

1-Has the man ever landed on the Moon? Who did it? When?

2-How long have the Mars exploration Rovers been in Mars? When did they arrive? What are their main objectives? 

3-Has England ever been a Republic? Who was the first King or Queen? When?

4-What has been the last Olympic record in the 200m? And in the marathon? Who broke it? when?

5-Where have the Rolling Stones played for the last time? When? Can you find the playlist for that show?

6-Who have been the last Nobel Prizes? In which categories?


    • Write full, original answers: always rephrase the question. Use the information on the Internet to write your own answers (don't copy the information word by word).
    • Use the present perfect and the past simple correctly: you must know the difference before!
    • Revise carefully the spelling and the punctuation in all the document.
    • Copy the link to the page where you found the information from.

                    This activity will represent 1.5 points in your next exam.

RESOURCES (you can use different webpages, too):

DEADLINE: you must send me your documents via e-mail to

  • 4th B, C: 28th October.
  • 4th A: 8th November.